The birthplace of our lithium batteries

Welcome to Shenzhen, the home of renowned Chinese high-tech companies.




Specialized in the production of high-quality lithium batteries.

At the Shenzhen location, experienced expert teams and qualified staff exclusively focus on the development, manufacturing, and quality assurance of high-quality lithium batteries. This sets us apart from most battery providers.

Our in-house manufacturing facilities adhere to the latest technical standards and meet contemporary requirements for environmentally friendly production processes and socially responsible working conditions.

Through continuous investments in research and development of energy storage solutions and close partnerships with renowned manufacturer brands, we set industry standards with our products.


Thanksun is a reliable production partner for renowned brand manufacturers.

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For good reasons. 

Thanksun was founded over 15 years ago by an innovative team of engineers who recognized battery technology as a crucial key to creating a more environmentally responsible world even back then.

Since our beginning, our mission has remained unchanged: Thanksun aims to support individuals, businesses, and governments in transitioning to sustainable energy solutions by offering reliable, efficient, and affordable battery systems capable of powering homes, vehicles, and even entire cities with sustainably produced electricity.

In doing so, we have set an ambitious goal: to lead the way at the forefront of the green energy transition and make a valuable contribution to building a sustainable future through our endeavors.

Values that drive us.

At Thanksun, we focus on three core values to consistently meet our ambition as a manufacturer of leading products and top-notch services. This ensures that our customers always have the confidence that they are contributing to the reduction of their ecological footprint in an economically savvy manner.


Our promise is quality that customers can always fully rely on. We have automated production lines and processes, over 20 top-notch engineers, and take pride in our +50 copyrighted patents and +1500 worldwide certifications.

We use the highest quality materials, provide exceptional customer service, and are recognized as a technology-leading company.

As a trusted, fair, and reliable partner, we aim to create added value for all our stakeholders.

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