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Thanksun's storage batteries with 10 kWh - 30 kWh are the right solution for storing solar energy in residential homes. Made from cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP), our batteries ensure high system security and a long lifespan. With a 12-year warranty and a capacity guarantee of 80%, they provide peace of mind for homeowners looking to harness solar power.

Flexible Design for Maximum Efficiency and User-Friendliness.

Our energy storage system can connect multiple batteries in parallel to increase capacity or boost voltage.


High and Low Voltage

Our batteries are made from cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate, ensuring high system security and long lifespan.


Thanksun combines engineering expertise, advanced manufacturing facilities, and streamlined distribution capabilities to o!er our customers top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and a reliable supply of products.


Thanksun is an innovator in lithium battery technology, engineering batteries with high-efficiency conversion, flexibility, ease-of-use, and off-grid power supply functions.


At Thanksun, we help make the transition to sustainable energy a lucrative business by controlling the entire value chain and providing customers with premium products at very competitive prices.

Flexible Design for Maximum Efficiency and Ease of Use

Our energy storage battery system can connect multiple battery packs in parallel to extend capacity or increase voltage.

The modular plug-in design eliminates the need for external wiring, greatly improving flexibility and ease of use.

Our products are highly compatible with a range of inverters, making it easy for our customers to integrate our batteries into their existing solar power systems.


Low Voltage Energy Storage Battery

LVE series batteries achieve high-efficiency conversions and off-grid power supply functions.


Energy Capacity ABC
On Grip Power ABC
Backup Power ABC
Size and Weight      ABC
Installation ABC
Certifications ABC
Warranty ABC



High Voltage (HV)

  • Capacity: 20 kWh to 30 kWh, can be connected in parallel with up to 10 batteries (cluster operation)
  • Compatible with various 3-phase inverters from Deye, MEGAREVO, INVT, Senergy, Solis, and more
  • Nominal voltage: 205V to 307V
  • Guaranteed lifespan (10,000 cycles)
  • 12-year warranty

Low Voltage (LV)

  • Capacity: 10 kWh to 30 kWh
  • Compatible with various inverters from Deye, MEGAREVO, INVT, Senergy, Solis, and more
  • Nominal voltage: 51.2V
  • Guaranteed lifespan (10,000 cycles)
  • 12-year warranty

Includes Deye Inverter Matching Inverter

Our battery and the 3-phase hybrid inverters by Deye

Brand new three-phase hybrid inverters that are specifically designed to work with our solar storage batteries, ensuring the highest system efficiency and reduced heat dissipation.

Both inverters can be controlled via the Solarmanager and/or Solarman.

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Comparison of high and low voltage

Our recommendation: When operating a heat pump and/or electric vehicle, it is advisable to opt for high voltage.

Low Voltage (Recommended) High Voltage
Connect multiple batteries (Cluster)
Rated voltage per battery


200V to 300V*
Rated power per battery 10 - 30kWh 20 - 30kWh*
Discharge current 5kWh 10kWh


*) multiplying in cluster operation

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