Storage Batteries for the Energy Transition

Thanksun is a Swiss company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality energy storage solutions and batteries for renewable energy.

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Accelerate the energy transitionUnleash Thanksun's Potential

To offer the best storage batteries at the most affordable price in Europe, a battery production on a global scale is needed. We bring the innovation and scalability advantages of the world's largest battery market to Europe - without intermediaries and with prompt, local support.


Storage Batteries from 10kWh Home Solar Storage

High Voltage (HV) & Low Voltage (LV)

High and low voltage options with capacities ranging from 10-30 kWh per battery. Our batteries are made of cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP), ensuring high system security and long lifespan. They come with a 12-year warranty and a capacity guarantee of 80%.

Powerbox from 100KwhBatteries for Businesses

Our All-in-One Solution for Sophisticated Customers.

Our Powerbox is designed for larger needs than the home solution; whether for on-grid or off-grid applications, or for the use of virtual storage. Thanksun's Powerbox is the powerhouse for professional battery storage needs, with capacities ranging from 100 to 300kWh.

Powerbox+ from 1MWhIndustrial-Size Storage

Highest Performance Standards

Our container solutions are among the most efficient and durable storage systems on the market, ideal for grid operators or industrial facilities looking to enhance self-consumption or peak load management. Capacities of up to 5 MWh per container are possible.

Our promise

Swissness, Quality, Price

Thanksun sets the quality standard for storage solutions in Europe: offering local support, global innovation, and the best price. With our long-lasting battery solutions, you become a part of the energy transition while saving money.


We are in the heart of Europe: An owner-led Swiss company, providing local support and solutions for the European market.


Thanksun combines engineering expertise, advanced manufacturing facilities, and streamlined distribution capabilities to o!er our customers top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and a reliable supply of products.


Thanksun is an innovator in lithium battery technology, engineering batteries with high-efficiency conversion, flexibility, ease-of-use, and off-grid power supply functions.


At Thanksun, we help make the transition to sustainable energy a lucrative business by controlling the entire value chain and providing customers with premium products at very competitive prices.

Flexible Design for Maximum Efficiency and Ease of Use

Our energy storage battery system can connect multiple battery packs in parallel to extend capacity or increase voltage.

The modular plug-in design eliminates the need for external wiring, greatly improving flexibility and ease of use.

Our products are highly compatible with a range of inverters, making it easy for our customers to integrate our batteries into their existing solar power systems.


Low Voltage Energy Storage Battery

LVE series batteries achieve high-efficiency conversions and off-grid power supply functions.


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"With Thanksun, I can offer my customers high-quality storage batteries without locking them into an expensive system."

Oliver Lacher
Geschäftsführung bei Bichler + Partner

"With Thanksun, I gain access to state-of-the-art battery technology, straight from the factory."

Nancy Wheeler
Solateur, Bern

"Technology suppliers often provide a poor service. Thanksun is owner-led. So far, I have had all my support requests resolved very fast."

Jonathan Hürlimann
Einkäufer bei Uitility