The rising sun in solar energy storage solutions. 


Thanksun is a Swiss company that specializes in the manufacturing and delivery of high-quality batteries for renewable energy solutions.



Here comes Thanksun Zurich

Thanksun AG was founded in early 2023 in Zurich as a joint venture between partners from Switzerland and China. It all began with a conversation about the challenges of global climate change and potential solutions to shape a sustainable energy future.

Chinese entrepreneur Nancy Xu shared her long-standing business relationship with her Swiss acquaintances, introducing Jack Liu, who has successfully specialized in the development and production of high-quality lithium batteries for renowned manufacturers like Huawei, Philips, Xiaomi, and Oppo through his company in Shenzhen, China, for over 15 years

Wouldn't it be worthwhile to initiate the direct import of innovative products under the Thanksun brand to Europe?

Rolf and Fabian Schatzmann, pioneers in the Swiss solar business, have been guiding their customers on the path to a sustainable energy transition for over 20 years. They were immediately enthusiastic about the idea.

The transition to solar power still represents a significant investment. For this reason, there are still some reservations about acquiring a photovoltaic system. We believe that this can be changed by offering high-quality lithium batteries at extremely attractive prices.

Because we are convinced that the energy transition should not be a matter of money.

Get to know our team.

Everyone except Jack Liu is based in Switzerland. We speak German, French, English, or Mandarin.



Swiss reliability with Chinese efficiency.

Thanksun AG Zurich is the main point of contact for our customers in Switzerland and across Europe. In our offices on Weberstrasse in Zurich, we handle import, distribution, and support. We strive to provide our customers – ranging from small crafts businesses to wholesalers with the best assistance and guidance every day.

Thanks to our direct connection to development and production in Shenzhen, China, we can address and fulfill specific requirements and preferences directly, saving time, costs, and, most importantly, hassle.

Our warehouses are located in Mägenwil and Düsseldorf. This ensures high product availability and swift, smooth delivery of ordered goods to our partners across the entire European region.



Values that drive us.

At Thanksun, we focus on three core values to consistently meet our ambition as a manufacturer of leading products and top-notch services. This ensures that our customers always have the confidence that they are contributing to the reduction of their ecological footprint in an economically savvy manner.


Our promise is Swiss quality that customers can always rely on.

As a trusted, fair, and reliable partner, we aim to create added value for all our stakeholders.

We use the highest quality materials, provide exceptional customer service, and are recognized as a technology-leading company.

Contact us.

You can contact us anytime if you have queries or requests. We are here for you and happy to assist.