The cost of a photovoltaic system in Switzerland: investing in a sustainable future

4/13/23 1:13 PM | Green Energy The cost of a photovoltaic system in Switzerland: investing in a sustainable future

What are the advantages of a photovoltaic system and what costs should I expect? A brief overview.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in awareness of renewable energy and the need to reduce our environmental footprint. Photovoltaic systems have become one of the most popular options for generating clean electricity and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. In Switzerland, a country known for its breathtaking mountain scenery and its pioneering role in sustainability, solar energy projects are gaining popularity. But how much does a photovoltaic system actually cost in Switzerland? In this blog post, we'll look at the cost of such a system and find out if it's worth the investment.

  1. Size of the plant:

    The cost of a photovoltaic system depends primarily on its size. The larger the system, the more solar modules are needed, which increases the cost accordingly. The size of the system, in turn, depends on your energy needs and the available roof space. A typical residential photovoltaic system typically has a capacity of about 3 to 10 kilowatt peak (kWp) and can meet about 70% of the annual electricity needs of an average household in Switzerland.

  2. Cost per kWp:

    The cost per kWp for a photovoltaic system in Switzerland varies depending on the provider, installation effort and technical requirements. However, as a rough estimate, one can assume about 1,500 to 2,500 Swiss francs per kWp. This means that a 5 kWp system would cost between 7,500 and 12,500 Swiss francs.

  3. Funding opportunities:

    It is important to note that there are various funding programs and incentives available in Switzerland to support the expansion of solar energy. The exact funding opportunities can vary depending on the canton and municipality. It is therefore worthwhile to find out about local subsidies and tax benefits, as these can significantly reduce the overall cost of a photovoltaic system.

  4. Long-term savings:

    Although a photovoltaic system requires an initial investment, there are significant potential savings over the long term. By producing your own solar power, you can reduce your electric bills and even save money in the long run. In addition, excess energy can be fed into the public power grid and remunerated through the so-called "feed-in tariff system".

  5. Environmental impact and sustainability:

    The cost of a photovoltaic system should not be considered solely in financial terms. The true value lies in the environmental impact and sustainable future it enables. By using solar energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to global climate protection. You also increase the value of your property, as sustainable energy systems are increasingly in demand.


The cost of a photovoltaic system in Switzerland can vary depending on the size and individual requirements. The initial investment may seem high, but in the long run it offers significant savings potential and a valuable contribution to sustainable development. Find out about local subsidy opportunities and get expert advice to find the best options for your individual situation. Invest in a photovoltaic system and create a greener and more sustainable future for yourself and future generations. Thanks to the power of the sun, you can not only lighten your wallet, but also do something good for the environment.

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