6/3/23 9:35 PM | Thanksun @smarterE in Munich. Visit us.

Our high- and low Volt solar batteries will be showcased @smarterE in Munich. Come and visit us.

SmarterE, Europe's leading smart energy exhibition, is an annual event showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in renewable energy. This year we are pleased to announce the participation of Thanksun. Thanksun is a pioneer in the development of solar storage batteries and will present its revolutionary products at smarterE in Munich.

Thanksun is a leading provider of solar storage batteries and aims to provide sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses. With their innovative technologies and products, they actively contribute to the energy transition and help maximize the use of renewable energy.

At smarterE in Munich Thanksun will showcase (Halle B0, Stand B0.325) its latest solar storage batteries. These batteries enable homeowners and businesses to efficiently store the electricity generated by their solar panels and use it when needed. By combining solar energy and storage solutions, users can become less reliant on traditional power sources and optimize their energy consumption.

Thanksun's solar storage batteries are characterized by their high efficiency, durability and ease of use. They are designed to integrate with any existing solar power system and provide a reliable and sustainable energy supply. In addition, they offer a smart control function that allows users to monitor energy flow and optimize power consumption.

By participating in Smarter E in Munich, Thanksun demonstrates its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. The trade show provides an ideal platform to exchange ideas with other industry experts, establish new partnerships and reach out to potential customers. Thanksun will not only showcase its products at the fair, but also share its expertise and experience through presentations and discussions.

Thanksun is attending Smarter E in Munich with great anticipation and will be showcasing its pioneering solar storage batteries. The fair offers the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in renewable energy and to make valuable contacts. Thanks to Thanksun's innovative solutions, homeowners and businesses can make their contribution to the energy transition while benefiting from a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply.

Thanksun: Thanksun AG